May. 21st, 2009

harbouring: (til somebody finds us)
  • 'bird gerhl' by antony and the johnsons

  • non-required reading, at last

  • draft dissertation proposals

  • korres brandy shower gel

  • 'paradise lost' theory and make-your-own epic poetry

  • sinade, finally, apologetically, rewardingly

  • music festival plans that won't come to fruition but still sound great

  • "in case of older sounds escaping: left to right"

  • voicemail

  • "To the way it fits, the way it is, the way it seems
    to be: let me bash out praises -- pass the tambourine." - kathleen jamie

  • 'serial mom'

  • my brother and suzanna planning their wedding! and maybe having it in one of the(beautiful) buildings owned by my (beautiful) university

  • end of term/natalie coming home/pretending I don't have to get a job ever
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